First time setup


When you use the Free Basic website solution that we offer, you will be presented with a welcome screen on your new website the first time you visit for example as below.


To get to the administration section you must follow the link in the Welcome e-mail send to you from the system or Click the Login link at the bottom of your web page.


This will take you to the Administration are where you can login with the user name and password that was sent to you in the Welcome e-mail sent by the system.


As soon as you are logged in you are presented with the Control Panel from where you control your whole websites functionality and contents. (Note you can get the same option from the menu bar with icons on the left side of the page.)



Go to the Configuration under Settings


Here you can change most of the important settings used by the system.


Go to the General Settings and enter your sites information.


When you are done with that go to the Contact Form and enter the correct information for your site.


If you are going to use reCaptcha somewhere on your page, you can setup (or create )your reCaptcha account information under the reCaptcha section. (To create a account follow the link as shown below).


Click Save when you are done.


Lastly go to the admin block and click on Preferences as below.


Enter your e-mail address that you want the system to use.

Now just save and the basic config is done.