How to edit a page

This tutorial will explain how to edit a plain page that contents type is of Editable text.

Note it is expected that you have already done the First time setup tutorial and are logged into the system.


Editing a page

When one is logged into the system , editing a page is extremely simple. First browse to the specific page that you want to edit. 

When you are at the specific page, hold your mouse over the text are that you want to edit.

A box will appear with the option to edit the selected text or to add a new section, click on the Edit word.

The system will now load a editor for you and make the text area editable. When the text become editable you will notice at the top of your screen that a text editor toolbar will appear as below

With this toolbar you can set text size, color, font, alignment and many more. You can save the document or just plain close it and revert back to the previous changes. You can add images or hyperlinks of required.

Some important icons to remember are the following

The left one sets the text color, the one next to it sets the text background color. then the world with the chain allows you to add a hyperlink over the selected text, if the current selected text is a hyperlink then the grayed out icon will appear allowing you to remove the hyperlink. The flag allows you to add a anchor (a link that is on the same page, allowing users to jump up and down on the same page without reloading it). The last icon allows you to add images. When you click add image you will be presented with a Image properties editor as below.

Here you can just click on the Browse Server button and you will get a editor where you can select uploaded files OR you can upload files directly from there via the Upload Files link as below

After selecting the image you just click OK and your image will be displayed in your current editable text in the same way it will show to your clients.