How to add a Page

This tutorial will try and explain how to add a page to the web page system and also as a menu item for easy access.

Note that this tutorial assumes that you  have done the First time setup tutorial and are familiar with how to log into the system

Page Manager

The first step is to open Page Manager. This can be found on the left hand site menu under the Content menu 



you will then be presented with the Page Manager screen as below


You will notice that you will have the current Menu Items on the left hand side and if you select a menu item you will be presented with more items on the right hand site. From the right hand menu you can Edit or rename pages, remove them and totally delete them if required. The bottom part of the right hand menu allows new pages to be added to the menu items, you can select to have new items added before or after the current item OR added as a child item (in the above screenshot the Contact item is a child entry).

For this tutorial we will click Insert After to add a entry between the Home and the About menu item.

You are then presented with a screen where you can add a totally new page (Note the gray selected option at the top says New Page). This page can be of a specific content type as shown in the screenshot, for normal page with text in it we leave it at Editable Text. If a page was previously created via the Content menu's +Create Page option then you can select that page from the Available Pages menu option at the top.

Lets type a name here to identify the page with, in this case Test page is the name. The click Create new Page button.

Your menu items will now look as follow.

To edit this page, select the Test page menu entry and click the View & Edit Page option on the right hand menu.


You will then be taken to the page where you have the option to change the text via the text editor provided with they system.