Select a new Theme

This tutorial will explain how to select a new theme for your web page and activate it.

Note that this tutorial assumes that you  have done the First time setup tutorial and are familiar with how to log into the system


Selecting the theme

To view the current themes that you have go to your Layout menu, this you can find under the Appearance menu as below.


The Layout screen will appear and you will be presented with all the current installed themes and there color options (some themes can have more than 1 color theme) on your system as below.

If you still do not find a theme that you like, you can browse for more themes by clicking the Browse Additional Themes at the bottom of the Layout page.

When you click the Browse option, you will be presented with screen where you can view themes that you might like, click on it and click install and the theme will be installed on your system. 

To Activate the theme you must click on the theme and the color schema you want as below


You will then be given a preview of how your system will look in that theme selection as below


And if this is the look that you want for your web page click on Use this theme in a new layout and make it the default button

Your web page will have changed to the new selected theme.